Designing The EnCon Logo


For the logo, I wanted it to somehow show that this app was all about energy, and so I wanted some sort of image to represented that. I searched "energy" in google images, and found that there were a lot of light bulbs that popped up, which indicated that people associate the light bulb with energy.

Google image search for "energy" that showed a lot of light bulbs, which ended up being the basis for the logo design

Logo color research

After deciding on the light bulb as the basis for the design, I then wanted to see what colors were normally associated with energy companies.

Duke Energy homepage
AES Corporation homepage
Energy Star homepage

As you can see, all of these energy companies, while each has their own unique brand identity, incorporate blue into their color scheme, indicating that blue is associated with energy companies and the usage of energy.

Next, I needed to figure out the font/ typography style of the logo. Since this is an energy app to help users save money, the font needed to look professional, as with a bank or a financial firm, but also comforting and energetic (get it?).

Because consistency is important, the font for the logo would also be used throughout the app, so it needed to be readable.

While doing research for the logo color, I happened across this energy company:

The font used for this energy company is a custom font, but I managed to find a font in the free google font list that expressed a similar sensibility, and so I chose Rubik.

The logo also combined a regular weight version of the font with the bold version, which I thought conveyed the sense that the company could do it all; a sensibility I thought EnCon could use as well.

After thorough research, I came up with the following:

Flattened illustration resembling a light bulb

Regular weight of the Rubik font combined with the bold weight for the second-half of the word

For the color I incorporated three different hues of blue to underscore the energy identity of the app